What are you saying to me?
I can’t understand what you are saying
Is something going to happen that I should prepare for?
Is death knocking at my door?
Are you trying to warn me about something?

You howl too loud
It makes my hair stand up
You frighten me
Because you have information
That I am too scared to want to know

The mountains will protect me
Against the impending doom
The Heavens will guard me fiercely
Against any tragic storm

The sand blows fiercely
As you gather him up
And toss him into the sea and all around

People run for cover
From this angry sea
But with love
Everything will be okay
Everything will be safe

The moon will shield me
With her light
From the darkness of the night
She’ll make everything bright
With all of her might
She’ll bring all things hidden
Into sight
With her glaring light
That penetrates your soul
Before it is to take flight

You carry on howling
You carry on howling
As I don’t fear you
As I don’t fear you