Honestly I’m sick
So damn sick of being messed up.
Tired of this fake life.
Drained by disappointments.
Heck I’m even tired of being tired.

I’m exhausted I no longer want to feel sad.
I don’t want to see gender-based violence all over the news.
I don’t want to hear about kids being raped by their fathers and uncles.
I’m sick of road accidents caused by lousy drinking and driving.

I’m damn tired of the terms “slay queen” and “blessers”.
I’m sick of this pandemic.

I’m drained by the pull-a-black-child-down syndrome.
I’m tired of seeing fake Christians.
I’m sick of judgements made on people who believe in ancestors.

I’m sick of seeing statistics of the LGBTQ+ people
Who get murdered every day because of their sexuality.

I am just sick