With absolute glee,
I boundlessly give it to thee.
Like Cupid’s arrow,
It’s directed at a heart.
Hoping there it finds a permanent habitat.
Then with joy my eyes would forever glow.

That, which every soul is hungry to find.
Absolute in its nature.
Its sole purpose, being to give you
non-fading satisfaction and pleasure.
Upon you bestowed,
Hoping it makes you merry.
For if it is does, my feet,
Together with my heart,
Would master the art of jumping up and down due to glory.

The wise men from the East
Did a similar gesture towards baby Christ
Bestowing upon Him stones of value
But what I have to give is far beyond in value
For the soul and heart could still be tormented,
Even if one has these.
But if you have my gift, poor you may be
Yet live happily every second

This gesture,
Is absolutely free.
Soliciting nothing.
Be it silver or diamonds
Neither gold nor emeralds

Given to you in the manner,
Of God’s great manna.
With not much to gain on my part
All for your own benefit.
For you dear maid,
In me chivalry is not dead.

However, the Israelites immensely enjoyed God’s manna,
Were grateful and appreciative too.
About my gift of love to you,
I wonder!