Only the wise understand
Unless you understand it, you can’t understand
If you have engulfed curiosity you can
I doubt if some would understand
To them it seems meaningless
Starving is considered recklessness

The wise really understand
When someone moves zigzagging on a highway
Trying to forcedly and gravely make a better way
It is not what you think
Life has consumed the remainder of his happiness.

He is not a fool in decision making
Shifting agendas means trying to fit in
He stumbles and struggles since his birth
His papers are meaningless.

When he cries for help try to understand him
He has been stung by mosquitoes all night
Possibly to make everything light
Not sure whether the road taken is right.

He doesn’t want to be a beggar
He once had dreamt bigger
Choices have left him with no choice
Life has taught him great lessons.

What tomorrow brings no one knows
Open your eyes and ears and not your noise
Don’t ignore the situation for others
Life isn’t easy, try to rescue others