Standing there waiting for your
Next loose change and who to
Ask next. They tell me to go seek
Employment but with money to feed
My needs and satisfaction am I not
Employed. Typical black people, foolishly
Brain-washed by European principles.

They are not to blame for they see me
Standing here daily and asking for
Money. The street-corner becomes
A second home,fear washed away.
Knife in my pocket and my “boys” by
My side who can dare to escape our
Parade of night wrath and mindsets
Of crime and destruction.

Being appreciated and motivated for
Your input comes with a big smile
And a feisty reputation of your name
Being echoed and well respected
“ekasi” in the township. Chasing
Bigger boys and the adrenaline of
“igorans”, a war of boys that come
From different townships satisfies
My ego and enlightens my soul.

Ezone seven lives our enemies “ighosts”
But we corner boys and we fear none with
Our weapons on our side’s and one another
We unstoppable going wherever we want
To go and causing havoc.

Yases! These moegoes are more than us
And we being chased Thabo is too fat and
His legs are to heavy he slows down and
Life catches up with him. Looking backwards
And slowing down as we reach safety someone
Is sitting on Thabo with a knife waving it up
And down with red on it . A soul is gone and a
Soldier has fallen but memory not begotten
We look forward and go stand proud at our corner.

Many might judge who we are and what we
Do but who ought to lend a hand and guide us,
As we are the youth and seek enjoyment .
Forgive us as we do know what we doing”