there is a song the hearts compose
when they intertwine; a kind of melody
that tickles their skins, that pampers
Their indifferences, and wraps
Their breath in a web of awe; and they
succumb to its tune as it nourishes
Their senses and enfolds them
in a cocoon of joy.

even when they’re apart they sing a song
that’s only fit for two voices; into the deep
they impart, searching and longing
for each other’s grasp; pilgrim hearts
longing for each other, yet the distance
dances at their stance; the song echoes
from the valleys and mountains overhead
its scent is carried through the wind.

but the distance fades the scent
As the wind blows through mountains
and valleys; what is left, a faint scent
that echoes the undying love
Of the longing hearts,
Wishing that one day, they would dwell
as one; but the distance Stares at them
as they long to keep in touch.

the wind ceases to blow,
even the flowers yearn for its touch
And the song fades away like ashes
but there is a soft melody of hope
That keeps them close; yet, apart
their fate is now doomed
to forever seek each other’s company
from the pressing tangerine sky
to the zephyr scents of the heavens.