It is a perfect poetry portrait,
Pixels precisely picturing her posture,
Painted purple and pink,
Perplexing prowess in purchasing
Perspectives, punitive points on
Primary politics, penned with pride
And painted with passion.

Pardon my progressive pattern of
Using P’s, poetry praises , poetry
Preaches , poetry also punishes,
Passion pin-pointed in plenty of
My pieces, my perfect poetic portrait,
Painting the proper practice of
Peaceful presidency, problem
Presenting peach pigment patched

Pure and productive thoughts
Pardoned from the prison, poured out
Provocatively but proverbially
Papered, poking promiscuous pastors
And paper-chasing prophets, who
Parent our pessimism in
Their pastoral practices,
As we prognosticate paganism in their
Prophecies, poor Peter poisoned by
Their paralyzing portions.

Picasso styled I paste the painful posture,
My portrait like Paws protruding
Prominently I pose a risk, my poetic
Portrait, priceless and picturesque,
Pot inspired at moments , but
Passionately pottered, pedants
Of political and religious vitality,
Pistols rounds to the clergymen and
Parliament persons, if practically
Pictured perfectly it punishes fairly.
The Poetic Portrait