Would I survive without her?
That is the question I’ve been asking myself for quite some time.
She is so wonderful
She understands me better than anyone in this world.
When I need someone to talk, she is always ready to listen.
The pillar of my strength
When I feel like giving up, she brings me the strength.
She makes me understand the purpose of being in this world.
She makes me feel like I am the queen, oh yes the pillar of my strength
When I need her most, she is always there for me,
I can just call her anytime of the day, she is always available
She is a friend, a motivator, who am I talking about?
My mother the strong woman,
she has patience’s and always tells me that everything will happen in its own time
How I wish I could have her heart
She can handle any situation, no matter how hard it is she always finds a way
Will I make it without her? What will I do when she is gone?
I pray that her lessons be instilled to me so I can cope when she is gone