Your ways are astonishing
For they are soul-changing
Ever since I was born, you knew me

I have been a pig living in dirt
Thought I knew everything: you know me
Oh! God who knows your ways?

How can we please you without faith?
We are mere men: we hate
You know us better: we are no saints
Please help us see

We have been wrong all along
Help us see our wrongs
So we could turn to you and sing songs

We are walking blindly: we can’t see you
We only hear them talking about you
There is that gap in my soul
I tried weed, drugs and alcohol

All those couldn’t fill it
I’m not sure what I want…
I still want this life and the other too

Help me see my grime
Place me in your presence
So I could open my present

And start a new being in you
Help me get it, God