Beautiful smiles hidden behind those masks
Beautiful scents of our odours removed by these sanitisers
So much distance from our fellow friends
But also, beautiful moments shared with our families.

We finally open our eyes to see great people donate to the nation.
We see the homeless getting a safer place to stay in.
We are fighting this COVID-19 as a nation.
We are fighting with broken hearts from burying our loved ones in an improper manner.
We are fighting with empty stomachs due to the unemployment rate rising.
We are fighting yet crying.
We are crying for the lives we have lost during this horrifying situation.

All that Mr Ramaphosa is dreaming of at night is the next step to try and conquer as a nation.
Safa saphela isizwe sethu.
We are in a battle with COVID-19
And some are in the battle fighting for their lives in hospital.