As I fall, watch me.
As you bury me, rejoice.
As I’m down, walk over my head.
As I got no words, speak on my behalf.
The falling of a strong man, that’s how it is.
It’s a joyful noise to the ears of the weak,
a guaranteed healing injection from the trusted doctor
to the fakers.

A reggae day to the wicked, aren’t you happy enemies?
You’ve been hunting me like a hungry desperate lion from
day one, close to a friend, claiming to be.
Humble like a dove, I limited my eyes,
for I did not want to see beyond what you revealed to me.
Will I ever rise?
I wonder!

My knees are filled with ice, I can hardly walk.
My mind is a thousand miles away, I hardly think.
My heart is developing bitterness and
I lack energy,
I feel safe under your feet in some ways.
Darkness has covered my light, it’s turned my day into night.
Instead of the sun, now I see the moon.

Isn’t this your great day?
Wasn’t this your long time dream?
Just like that, your dream has come true.
Good guys dream better dreams, none come true.
For you are there crushing, squashing, breaking and
turning all their joy into misery.

Well, once again, your great day has come.
Rejoice and smile for your wounds are healed.
Celebrate this day, for it might never come again.
Who knows, it might be the last.
In the meanwhile, under your feet,
“Will I ever rise,” echoes.