Am I an explorer?
That I should step on this murky way
The impassable roads, explorer’s face
And discover fall and rapids
That are now raining on your mouth
The murder at Sarajevo
Was the root cause of the First World War
Why should I experience your war words
That exacerbate my heart.

Who I am
Is the question
That opens my mouth
‘Cause of your weird words
Lovers know each other
But I’m still seeking the treasure of the question
What is love?
Am I a lover to a lover
Or else
Am I a lover to a hater
If a lover to a hater
Why then Jeffta was born in this family of lover-haters.

Why has the promised love
Gone to the graveyard
Tell me my lover-hater
Is today the day after forever?
That your love should die
Why are you breaking my heart?
Instead of setting ablaze my feelings
You have attacked me like a crop weed striga asiatica
Suppressing my feelings down.