I got everything wrong.
Even while short, I get it long.
I don’t care a thing about them,
just to say
this is who I am.

I care about
myself only.
Maybe I’m selfish.
Saying this makes me remember
all of my bad deeds.

I spoiled fun for those in need.
For my friends,
I’m the only bad lead
… amazed by my confession as you read.
For real, this is the real me, I’ve always hid.

I ain’t alone with this heart,
a heart of greed trying to get freed.
So now what!
Should I turn my self in
only for the world?
No I can’t,
cause I’m gonna be lonely
without the greedy me.
And who’s gonna cheer for me.
Is it the world,
with their fake pretence?
That’s why I like the greedy me.