The red jersey, the purple trouser
The white shoes, the great smile

“Can I get you a chair?” He said. . .
“Yes,” I replied

“Any drink?”
“Iron brew please”,

Charmed, “thank you “I said

My heart beat so fast
I knew these were life-time memories. . .
His ever ending smile painted the most wonderful thing my heart ever felt

I felt like he was already mine
He couldn’t help but smile every time he looked at me
I saw that once and felt a wonderful connection

I still remember how clingy he was
Wanting to spend time with me
I refused, asked to take things slow
“If that’s how you fill, I’m fine with that,” he said

I still remember the first kiss by the gate
It made my day, I couldn’t sleep but smile all the night
The first call you made,
“I just got home but can’t help thinking of you,” is all you said

Slightly. . . I smiled
That was the first day I met him
I can never forget it