I could feel the bleeding in my heart
Touch the hill that barricades the spirit to the soul
Smell the ingredients of the meal cooked
Dish up the production of the target
Fill the belly with the un-expected out come
Heal the wound caused by the curse of the perpetrator.

I came across the memory of losing the loved ones
Stopped by the gentleman that beat them off to hell
Waved a hand for the woman that gave birth to them
Distressed to the pillow case that’s always penetrated by my tears
Walked past the intruder that backstabbed them while in a derby
I imagined the brutality they undergone then.

I stood firmly knowing that they died fighting
Remembered that they only were in need of social freedom
Took a journey of hatred knowing that I had to avenge them
Smiled to keep an enemy closer, to punish him slowly, but surely
Observed the men getting richer in the expenses of my loved ones
Checked the delegators and found them classless then got harmed.

I could tell that the intruders are full of the blood of those we lost then
Hear the voices of the deceased telling not to trust the intruders
Describe truth as their bearer to true leadership of all times
Sense their scarring feelings but not sympathising with them at all
Time was running out for them neither me to find some information
The feeling of hatred became stronger as time went by.

I had watched them misleading the classless society
For over 15 years filling their bellies while we starve
Surely I saw the time of government change
They were changing ministry over themselves only
They sold our country to gain their freedom
We were left writing history as always because we’ll always be victims.

Corruption, crime, drugs etc. had gone by motivated by the
This nation of ours has become a home to the colonialists and foreign land to us
Outsiders benefiting out of our expenses while we suffer
They had sold this fatal country to BRITAIN and AMERICAN capitalist giants
In our land we became nothing but slaves as always through their government
Enough is enough, let us avenge our people and overthrow these now leaders
For the better leadership of our choice.