After spending the morning talking to my love, I went to have lunch with a friend, Charice. At the restaurant, we were given a table next to a drunk guy who insisted on talking to us. He spoke of the pain he experienced when his wife left him. He told us how sad he was and how badly he was coping and asked us for advice. At one point, Charice asked the drunk to be quiet but he couldn’t.

“Why? I spoke of love as a sober man never would. I revealed my joys and my sorrows. I tried to make contact with two strangers. What’s wrong with that?” he said.

“It’s not the right moment,” Charice said.

“Do you mean that there is a right moment to suffer for love?” said the man.

With those words he got my attention and we asked him to join us.

“She left in a flash with no goodbye, with no kiss on my cheek and with no last smile. She left in the middle of the night like a robber not wanting to be caught, like a dream that didn’t want to last. She left me alone, I mean lonely. Like a single shining star on a rainy night, I sit on my windowsill each day with tears in my eyes, waiting for the day I would see her come back. The day I would see her walk into my open arms.”

The man spoke of his sorrows until I suddenly ordered him a hot drink because I couldn’t bare the pain caused by that sad story. To be honest I immediately lost my appetite, that story was so vivid it kept on replaying itself in my mind like a broken record. After the man finished his drink I told Charice we must leave as I had heard enough for the day. We left and went our separate ways.

As soon as I got home my phone rang, it was my love. She said she was just calling to wish me a good night and I responded with, “You too my love and I’m thinking of you right this moment.”

I was actually thinking of what happened with the drunkard so I quickly said, “Got to go, I love you and I don’t want to lose you.”

Life isn’t easy and some people are worth keeping and some we are meant to set free.


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