Tossing and turning
Blank pages filled with tears running
Agony metastasising
Blurry vision, broken mirror
Not the best version, you feel inferior

I’d kill myself with a weapon in my hand
And still, if I explained, you’d never understand
I try to run from the voices in my head
But you choose to listen to them instead
Why be me when you can be you?

I shoot to aim only to find it ain’t my shot
I shoot my shot only to find it ain’t really hot
If I shoot to kill then I may be ill
However, I got skill and I’m the best still
But only I can be myself
Only you can be yourself
Why be me when you can be you?

Some words I cannot retract
If it irked when I smirked then you ain’t all that
Pretending to be like me, oh just cut the act
Even if you like me, you can’t be me
Be you and you’ll see why I like the self so much

I entice and it’s nice
I’m myself like twice, or maybe thrice
I don’t have a price, I am the prize
Piece of slice, I am the light
There are times, when it’s not all nice
But I’m me and you’re you and that’s what’s nice

Why be me when you can be you?