I’ve realized I’ve not talked much about your death
I’ve only shared bits and pieces
I’ve shared about what happened only for the first 2 days

No one has asked me how am I feeling? How am I holding up?
All they talk about is to move on
Its as if they want me to forget about you
Although I do try to move on and not forget about you
But the way you died

It’s so difficult
I would end up seeing the whole event play back in my head
It’s as if your death is on repeat
Every time when the word Dad is mentioned I think of you,
Think of how I would have reacted when I heard that word while you were still alive

I know that your death didn’t touch other people the way it did me
To see Ellen crying and your body lying there helplessly
Just brought so much pain and sorrow in my life
To think about school makes it even worse
Coz I only spent 4 hours with you on that day
I remember we made plans for the next day and the next year

Now that’s all in the drain…
I try to hide my tears with a big smile and yes I have achieved that…
I can’t wait to see you again