South Africans
Please hear me out,
I am crying out like a tiny babe,
Please hear my cry,
I am the son of Africa
And you are Africans too,
We are your neighbours,
We breathe the same air,
But you are treating us like animals,
We are your brothers and sisters,

South Africans,
You know there is no peace
In Zimbabwe,
We take risks crossing
A huge river full of crocodiles,
Because we thought we
Were your brothers and sisters,
We came here for a better life,
We have families to feed like you,
But what do you do unto us?
You slaughter us like animals,

We are all blacks,
Why can’t you accommodate us?
We didn’t want things to be like this,
You call us horrible names,
You call us makwerekwere,
You call us khalangas,
You call us zims,
Please South Africa, stop killing us,
We are humans not animals,
Where is the rainbow nation?
Where is the spirit of Ubuntu?
Please South Africans, Save us.