I’m feeling an inner peace that I want to share
With those that are broken and eyes full of tears
You are not alone, to me you are dear
The world has not ended your past can be clear

I’m feeling alive, a life I can share
Just close your eyes, you see I am there
Now take a deep breath and let out your fear
Don’t give up on life but speed up the gear

If you need success first know it isn’t bread
But hard work, persistence can get you there
Those that are up there came from where they were
Success is a ladder but carefully step

“Why does my life always seem upside down?”
Well take a deep trip way down your heart
Searching and searching truly you shall find
The answer you seek which will bring you peace

Never hate yourself for what you are not
For no one can love you more than yourself
But you’re the most powerful enemy you have
So don’t fight yourself cause you’ll surely lose