Love is a wonderful thing if you’ve found
The right person to love you for who you are.
Who will respect you, take care of you and stay true to you.
I call this the five stages to a successful, happy relationship

1. Loyalty – it must begin with you being loyal
In order to be loyal to the next person
Never lie to prove a point to your partner
Rather confront them with the truth.

2. Respect – respect your partner’s feeling
By doing what is right for the both of you
By not cheating on each other.

3. Communication – is the key to a successful, happy relationship
You need to talk about your feelings
If you feel something is wrong talk to your partner
Rather than fighting or leaving
Not meaning to talk all the time but to check on them
Little things count.

4. Trust – in order to have a long-lasting relationship have trust
Believe in each other, teamwork is the best.

5. Love – love him/her unconditionally in order to last stay faithful
At all times.

Love is combined by two people. Love never fails people fail love
And love is not a maybe thing, you know when you are in love.
Never use someone’s heart, know what you want
If you are not ready then don’t love.
That is the book of love