Magwa bloodline
Their unity most wish to have,
United they stand,
Bloodline pillared by million anchors,
Bringing it down takes a force of the high mighty,

Privileged are those with Magwa blood in their veins,
One drop can change your life,
Blood cleansed by high power,
No humanity can rob the anointed of their blessing
Yeah, it’s the blessed bloodline.

One pillar stumbles,
And they all rush to the rescue,
One pillar stammers,
And they all voice on its behalf,
One pillar parallels from the rest,
And they all pull and push every corner.
Bringing one back to the fold.

The Magwa fold is stronger than anything,
Unity, respect, and family,
Harder than anything to break.
Such principles at the core of this bloodline
Proud am I to be part of the fold, the pack, the bloodline.
Proud am I to have Magwa blood flowing through my veins.