Oh, mhlonyane our African plant
Today you are so famous
Yesterday you were just a herb from the bush
Today others want to know about you
So fresh little flower
You smell like a perfume of freedom
Oh, mhlonyane you made us think of our roots
Mhlonyane you made Heritage Day our everyday part of our lives
Oh mhlonyane
Our traditional science is never wrong
Always on right time
There is no gain to others to value it
If we do not value our roots who will?
If we take slightly our knowledge, we will be a lost nation
Everything comes from earth
Every medicine is made from plants
Umhlonyane plant is a plant that makes it
We will use you, mhlonyane
We will use you now and forever
We are going back to our indigenous science
You made them think of African health organisation
Mhlonyane bring us back home
Bring back our trust in our African medicine
Bring back lost hope
Thank you, mhlonyane
We have missed you
Your presence will help save us for many years
Our roots will help us