I once loved you
We tested both
And were found “negative”
Later you came home late
Got no respect for me
Shouting at poor me
No cooking for me and our children
Thalitha you really broke my heart

I asked you what was the matter
You replied I was jealous
I asked of what? And you gave no response
You walked away
You came back eight weeks after the scene
I was not yet calmed
You were wearing a beautiful smile on your face
You touched me. I pulled away from your hand
You hugged me. I refused to be hugged
You asked what was the matter and I replied
“go back to where you have been”
You asked “why?” and I said
“That’s where you belong!”

You cried at my door. I chased you far
You went to call your mother and she came
She asked “what’s the matter son?”
I asked for a citizenship meeting
They came as if it was a party
As I was the programme director
I said to the world:

Thank you all for being here
Thalitha my dear wife please stand for me
You stood up waving at the crowd with a
Smile again

And again I said listen world
Thalitha Zizo dated my friend behind my back
She went to my brother and slept with him drunk
She then slept with my HIV+ father while
She was away for months
And yet she came back!
To whom???

Now allow me to disown my love from her
I take back all the romance I have given her
I cry for being played a fool
I crush her heart for giving me so much
Sadness and I don’t want her ever again
In my life

Seeing her reminds me of the “I do” day
Now I’m sending her home
And she must clear the “Mpupu” name on her ID
Because she’s no longer the woman I married
The one I married crushed my heart, fooled me
And wasted my time, therefore I will never love
Again because Thalitha Zizo I once loved
You. You were once my special girl.