How are you?
I mean…
How do u sleep knowing she is crying because of you?
Man, her tears are for love

I think not only love is blind
Even men are blind
They can’t see the tears of love
They just truly love many

She cries every Saturday day if u don’t answer her calls cause she knows you
You think she is a fool?
I think she is a lover
I will call her a fool cause she chose to love an idiot

I wonder what she did to deserve such a fool
Her tears are for love
Her tears need to be seen

Not only TV can be seen
Even her tears can be seen
Not only Radio can be heard
Even her problems can be heard

She really loves u if she really cries ’cause of u
She really needs you if she forgives you after tears
She is truly in love and want to be part of your life
if she is not crying but you see tears on her face
Those are truly tears of love

Not only dust can be wiped
Even her tears can be wiped too
If you don’t love the way she loves, then let her go