Troubles occur easy when I am with you.
There’s danger in your smiles.
There’s pleasure right now.
How do you make this beautiful?
Don’t wanna leave you never.
I need you here while it’s still daylight.
Can’t you see that in my eyes?

I didn’t want to go to you.
I didn’t want to go at all.
I just got out of the December days.
I did not expect you in my one-sided fate.
I barely know you, so why did we get all of December?

You don’t call at all.
So why would I look for you?
Neither the wax in blue water
Nor the rain outside the window
Nor the steel in the surface of the sea
Do not predict you to me.
Even waiting for you is difficult.

In the silence in the endless fog.
In the tiresome passage.
I’m running away from you.
I like you, but I don’t…

I wanna hold your hand in public places.
I wanna laugh at your silly jokes.
I wanna snuggle on the couch with you every day.
I wanna gaze into your eyes and look deep within.
I wanna lay on your chest and vent my soul out.
Lastly I wanna kiss your lips until they become sore.
One thing I know I cannot control
The time we have with each other.
But the love I have for you will be separated by the grave.
While I am with you these words you have to hear them
When you sleep and wake up.
Because you are part of my heart.

I will build my life upon your love.
It is a firm foundation I am looking forward to it.
I will put my trust in you alone.
I will not be shaken by my insecurities and doubts.