Summer smells like candy and watermelons.
Burning tar and a dazzling lightning storm.
Delectably sweet, warm and pungent tendrils of mirthful aromas, intertwining to weave a basket of childhood bliss.

Autumn sounds like the rush of tiny fairy feet, rustling on rooftops as their sepia wings fall from tall trees. A giant sitting atop a faraway hill blows a wind that howls and moans, enchanting us into a world of uneasy dreams.

Winter feels like the caress of a skeletal hand – cold, void of life. Ominous, yet alluring in its macabre beauty, hastily painting the night sky black, coercing rest upon us in its chilling bitter embrace of stillness.

Spring taste like cherry popsicle dewdrops, creamy banana boats and tangy lemonade, as we dance on green grass licking fresh raindrops off our lips, rejoicing in the celebration of life once again.