As the year’s end approached,
I found a lilly flower.
I’ve been feeding this flower
with nothing but air, love and respect.
I gave it my all, everything it needed.
Every day with it was a blessing.
Even Bonnie and Clyde were no match for us.
It was a flower found at the banks of the river and it gave me joy.

Her voice to me was like a first aid kit,
It kept me alive,
I loved her.
I loved her.

Dad once said to me,
Never trust a friend.
I thought he was wrong until you,
My friend, proved him right.
I thought I could trust him.
So much for being a real friend.

As the dawn of the new year approached
I was blinded.
I was stabbed in the back, literally.
The pain so hard
My joy was stolen. Heart broken.
Giving you my nature was a great emotional suicide.
Four years down the drain,
We shared stories, secrets and yet he still goes after my lilly.

As the saying goes
Love those who can’t be loved and
you get emotionally hurt.
I loved her, in response
I couldn’t provide happiness…