Hear, I sing to you,
Sweet love… A sweet
Serenade straight from
My heart I hope it
Buries all your miseries

Moundy pain, like a hammer,
Let it crush all roots of
Sad tales, let it sterilize
In you, let it bear a crop
Of love in the hearth,
To ashes, burning the loathe

Hear me sing this sweet,
Sweet ballad! It’s a
Foundation of your sweet
Dreams tonight heartbreaks
Benightening your heart,
It shall enlighten.

O, daughter of human species,
Singled out by the cries
Of my heart this one, let
It be a memoir!

Your wrinkled emotions,
I hope it straighten
Your wrecked loving mood,
I wish it tighten
And make this moment
Unforgettable like a titan!