All alone
In the dark
Seated and staring at
You and only you, despite
My temptations, to watch the stars

Held firmly
Within my palms
To symbolise our love
Despite the rosy blood that pours
My love for you is painless
Timeless, patient, and even ignorant

These goosebumps
And shed tears
Mingled with this rain
Which fails to extinguish my lamp
Or even wash away the stain
And overwhelming stamps
Which you left engraved inside
The weakening walls of my heart

I’ll wait
For my time
To come, and go
Wherever you will go
As soon as I’ve sat
And laid beside your grave
Beneath this earth and grass
Which once betrayed my trust
By burying you beneath its dust

Praying hopefully
That I may
Be touched and graced
By the stroke of lightning
Which parts the body and soul
So that my mind may fall
Amongst your bones and more

So that we may sleep together
For now and forever
In the same bed of mud
In the same deck of cards
In the same brand of coffins
Until judgement day do us part