What connection do we share?
Perhaps you are my brother or sister.
Every night I look at your musky light,
I feel happy.
Perhaps the One above us knows
I get ideas and inspiration from you.
You help me every day
just like a calculator helps a student.
I was told that all shooting stars pass you by
and if we were to look at you and wish,
you’d throw the wishes to the special guardian angels,
our shooting stars.
I was told we were made by the same Creator,
I was told that you were there when the morning star
lead the wise men to Jesus.
You live in the skies;
I live on land.
I wonder what connection we share.
I was told you only come out in the night.
That you make nights special for lovers.
That you give the light to the world
that was assigned to you by our Father.
I was told we were created by the same Master
and that we are his creation.
The beauty that lies in us is like no other.
You are the light of the world
and I’m the salt of the world.
You understand me so well.
When I look at you in the night
I feel welcomed and comforted.
You are the lovely moon.