I cry for my mother for she still carries the weight of a thousand lives
At the end of the rope she hangs on at each knot she ties
Still walking in the midst of all tides
I weep that she never gets used to the ground and fail to rise

I cry for my father whose debt is cleared but continues to pay
I pray that just this once he meets a peaceful day
That for one moment he will have a final say
With hope I pray that one day all will be okay
I cry for my brother for he still chooses wrong from right
That I am always there to sway him in good sight
That he never loses the way without a fair fight
And that God delivers him to the light

I cry for my sisters who never knew the trouble that was in store for them
Who still hold hands at the heart of each problem
I weep that they never forget the power of a prayer
Lastly, I cry for nobody but myself
That I no longer hope for life on an empty shell
That is stop hoarding the past on a bending shelf
And I pray that one day this strong current will lead us all to a calm well