You step right where it was stepped on yesterday.
Step on it full footed, swing and grind your foot.
You step on it right where it was hurt.
It was bleeding excessively, blood inside my torn shoes.

You step it right where was an unhealed wound.
It was wrapped with bandage and plaster.
You step on it till it soured my heart.
It broke my heart like you were tearing it
with your bare hands apart.
You watched it while it leaked blood down to ground.
It hurts the feeling of being stepped on twice by one man.

You saw me when I lowered my body to try to reach for my bleeding feet.
It burned the unhealed wound of my corns.
The striking pains of your stepping spread my whole body.
Pain that flashed like striking lightning inside my body.
Pains swept me like a sword to my flesh.
Can you please stop your stepping because it makes me weak now.