Sowing the seeds
school pupils are

A planting session
out Princess Vlei
and it’s not the first

Sowing the seeds
school pupils are

new plants providing
homes food and shelter
for insects birds
and other fauna

Sowing the seeds
a vibrant community
awareness project
planting over 700 plants

Not just beautifying
papering over the cracks
polishing up the silverware
for when the honourables come
flesh-pressing every 5 years

Sowing the seeds
school pupils are

Like our neighbours Mozambique
did back then building a new society
preparing the land for new crops
meeting their growing needs
producing but also studying
and fighting the old ways


In the country’s Youth Month, a Planting session is in progress! (Southern Mail, June 19 2019). I thought immediately of Samora Machel’s inspirational “Sowing the seeds of revolution” (Directives issued at the beginning of the productive cycle 1971-1972; Transcription Liz Blasczak).