I used to soak my pillows with tears
but the day you walked 208cm away from me
I realised that I was an impediment.

I am no longer crying tears of pain
I am leaving fear behind.
I could not resist your anger
You drove me away with your empty promises.
You lied, and I trusted you
You played with my mind, and you affected my brain
You took my soul.

I trusted you but you chose to emotionally abuse me
You took everything that belonged to me.
My confidence was lost
My dignity was lost
But my hatred was not worthwhile.

I used to cry tears
but now I cry happiness –
Tears do not last.

I believe I have a soldier heart,
I believe I am a tough cookie,
Because I managed to pass through those hard times.

I managed to walk away
I managed to forgive you
I managed to let you go.

Hope is within me
Hope is me
I am a woman of integrity
A soldier heart.