My parents kept me from so-called friends,
Whom I called them my friends,
From their glowing eyes I saw true friendship,
They wanted to see me from a professor being an armature,
They pretended to smile when I looked the opposite,
Jealousy, the freedom of fools,
They did not befriend me
Though they befriended my belongings,

Under the sheep’s cotton they stole my belongings,
Destructed my school days, for me to never prosper
My parents whispered to me
“They pretend to love you”
I closed my ears and hummed a song,
Pity I was their target

They drove me into the dark.
I opened my eyes and saw the light,
Time denied, it was very late
I was pointing them as one of my governors,
Yet I remember being on the same page with them,
So-called friends, so-called friends
Indeed I became an armature