His words mangled me
as he said goodbye.
He leered at me
as I begged him to stay.
He boasted to his friends
about how he took my innocence.

So let me for lament the last time,
as I become an itinerant.
While he gave haphazardly,
what I gave him was my love.

My shouts of agony could be heard
as he laid his hands on me.
My pride was inestimable,
but the inevitable happened.
I allowed him to degrade me.
I was so infatuated with him
that I allowed him to blind me.

Let me lament for the last time
as death calls me by my name.
I incurred this on myself.
“It’s over now,” were the last words he uttered
as he took my life.
So allow me to lament for the last time,
as I become a victim
of gender-based violence.