The night was so long
Darkness was all over me
I thought I would not see the light again
I felt so empty, lonely
Trapped and unable to escape
I felt cold and hot at the same time
My heart sank in pain
My whole body was wounded
Tears flew like rain
I felt so confused, hopeless and helpless

I did not know what was going on
Nothing seemed to make sense
Suicidal thoughts were screaming in my head
I felt like I have nothing to live for
All I heard was failure, stupid, weak, useless
Rubbish, worthless, weird and ugly
Why should I live?
I was so tired emotionally, mentally and physically
I was too depressed

Depression, go away!
You have taken so many lives
I will no longer allow you to take over mine
I refuse, go away (screaming)
I know I will defeat you
It might take long
But eventually you will vanish

Depression, you are a silent killer
Like a worm that eats you bit by bit
You do not choose

Seek help, speak out and murder it!
It may be stormy today
Tomorrow may be rainy
But the day after tomorrow will be sunny
Hold on to hope
Hope is unseen but worth it
We all wait for it with patience
Being knocked down is part of life
And getting back up is part of living
Never give up, tomorrow is unknown