Aura purple, aroma peachy, erotic energy
brown liquor with green shivers.
Lipstick on glass, perfume on soft skin
desire in eyes, lip biting kisses.

Ripped jeans ripped off tight skin,
soaking, swear we damn near
experienced a thunder storm.
Long awaited lingerie, laced it,
bra strap easily undone,
unsatisfied till we’re both done.
Lust in veins mixed with alcohol,
fine form.

Good love, till your body gets weak,
indulging when I’m on my knees.
Lava stroking now you’re wet and shivering,
pupils diluted, nails in my flesh.
You’re about to freeze, I release.

Netflix and chill turns to us
acting out x-rated pictures
with spine-chilling caresses.
Dirty fantasies, damn!
you kept it so clean, nasty my forte.
Extensive sessions of foreplay,
rounds of body wrestling
to snowy cuddling.