She said
She is not kidding
Neither, is she exploring
With me, she is staying
Neither, is she walking away

I said to myself
“This is my heavenly sent
Either, she is my perfect half
That completes my whole self
With her am respected king”

I said to her
“I take you at your words
To love you till the dusk
That it may dawn on us
Not in this same world
But the other one

With you my world is favoured
And blessed
You such a beautiful flower
Lovely scented
Your presence perfumes my days

With you am really in love
Loving, loving, loving
I will love you always”

Then she drew near to me
And I held her tightly
She whispered in my patience ears
“If you be true gentle
Learn not to step on your own foot
Lest you stumble
And make me grumble
With you I am indeed in love
I will love, loving you
My fair gentle
Forever I shall be yours. ”