I am not just a woman
I give birth to life; with my hands I plant it in the ground
It grows to stunning skyscrapers, covered in glass and glitter
My womb carries hope, for months and months it feels my heart beat from within
The same fragile heart it breaks, stop hurting me.

It’s not easy here; my feet are burning with fear
Every step I take might lead me to your punitive hands.
My screams are silent in your ears, almost like I am not even there
Look what you did to me? I feel disgusted by my own reflection.
Like I lead you on with my hour glass figure, I was running out of time
Every swerve of my curves drove you closer, now you are heavy breathing, my chest is hurting.

Have mercy on me. I am the only daughter they have
A sister of three, I need to survive, I want to be free
I am captive under your arms, forcefully feeding your craving within my thighs
I am slowly giving in; I am slowly seeing myself fading
but you are becoming, in a space of me, you are living

Women so we rise, so we heal
I am taking away the strength I gave you, the hold over my life
I am taking away the tears that water your ground
The fragrance from my skin that you inhale
I am taking back my life, the one I ornamented with laughter and joy
The skies I coloured with my melanin and the drums I played with my footsteps
I am taking back my dream, even with your side-effects I can still be.