I saw her broken.
Shattered into a million pieces.
Eyes flooded with tears as they run down
Washing away that merry face.
Her cheerful smile mutated into a frown.
Like a broken vessel,
Her heart wasnโ€™t capable of loving.

Your relationship was a hardship.
It scrapped out the loving in her.
You saw only the flaws in her,
You used her to your own malicious benefit,
Promising her love and care only to hit
A gigantic nail on its head
Right through her heart
And because of that she started
Hating on men, going by the motto
That all men were Dogs.

I nursed her, cared for her like a baby,
Showed her that all men are dogs
But not all dogs are men.
I picked up the broken pieces of her heart,
Mended it with my love
And her heart was whole again.
It was whole but you can still see
The unequal distribution of her heart
When it was shattered.
It looks colourful now.
Hereโ€™s a snack for you:
She WAS yours but not any more.
She IS mine.