Day and night I tumble,
I serf for an opposition
of darkness.
Will I ever find it?
I guess it is a dream.

It is a dream of pleasure,
that could never live in different
parts of my circle.
Lies within it, just make the rash so hard.

Peace!!!!! I declare…
I declare honour and humility.
Father Lord, I beg of you to
free my dream and let it live.

It has been prisoned for far too long.
It even longed of knowing its true origin.
This dream seeks intervention from the elected elders of Christ.

If it had eyes, it would’ve seen how miserable
it was before even being given birth too.
If it had wings, it would have an overview over the reality of its belonging.
For a dream was formed without its knowledge, it now wants to rain.

It wants to be alive.
For it is a dream worth fighting for.
As every person is allowed to hallow without purpose, but this dream
has purpose to turn tables around.
A purpose to correct wrong from right.

It is a dream filled with prosperity and success.
It is shy before the shine
And it is the diamond up in the sky.
Itself is fumbling in tongues, just for a validated birth.

It is a dream that was formed
to enable each being to be alive.
It was formed to free every soul
from the slavery of poverty and pain.