I aimed I missed
I told words and we kissed
I became number one in her list
But temptations turned me into a beast
Left me with memories of what I promised

I promised to love
Treat you and I as hand and glove
Our love reached the sky and above
Eliminated are baby sweet dove
What’s left is getting back is tough

Past is when she smiled to hear my name
Present is when she cries and I take the blame
Things change and they’re no longer the same
They are now opposite our aim
If it was not for fame
We would still be players of the game

The questions are really, how and why
Followed by a stream in each eye
She believed love never dies
Especially because of lies
She just cried again

In her heart I owned main
The route I traveled was to her brain
Through the same vein
She cried again
But now because of pain
Her cheeks are flooding rain
Regression for choosing the love lane

She cried again