I gave you all my love like
Manna but you thought
I was only pretending.

My mind thought it was
Doing the right thing by
Thinking about you but your
Mouth spoke bad about my life.

My eyes never spend a day
Without seeing you as they blink
Your eyes were too blind to
See the love I had for you

Here you are now,
Life is not what you wished when
You first met my soul in
Your life

Your sombre tears are still
Falling like Victoria Falls
For the shackles of the earth
Are dancing in your life

Happiness is just a history
That is now written in your mind
For sadness is what you
Chose when you left my soul.

Joyful songs are now just a myth
For you are now stagnated
With sad songs like a Table Mountain

For what doesn’t kill you
Only makes you stronger,
Your life is now strong
Like God’s love