It was like I was moving in the fast lane,
but something back in my mind told me I was over thinking things.
And yes, I believed that little voice.
I had never experienced this kind of love.
I believed that finally the angels were on my side.
I was convinced that the universe was finally giving me a break.
I firmly believed that.

I was willing to fight and stop anything and anyone
that seemed to ruin my chance of happiness.
This was my opportunity.
This was my turn to feel all the oohs and aahs of love.
This was my turn to find out how it feels to hear the one that drives you insane,
whisper sweet nothings in your ears.

Yes, it was my time to feel numb by just the touch of his hands.
My time to be blown away by the touch of his lips.
My time to reach the stars just by staring at his eyes.
It was simply my time and no one was going to ruin it for me.

I turned a blind eye on many things.
Red flags were there but I saw them as a threat to my happiness.
They were equally dangerous to my happiness as those who tried to warn me were.

You could call me naive, desperate, gullible.
Call me anything.
It didn’t matter to me…
All I knew was that if you had nothing positive or beautiful to say about my happiness…
Bitch, Bye!

Little did I know that the butterflies
I felt in my stomach as he walked in a room – he didn’t feel.
The goosebumps I had every time I thought about him – he never had them.
The sleepless nights I always had the night before he visited – he never had them.
He slept like a baby.

The way I felt at home when lying on his chest – he did not feel like that.
The kiss he planted on my forehead was a stamp to our love – to him it wasn’t.

The way he firmly held my hand l believed that was the unbreakable bond to our love – to him it wasn’t.

The way I shed a tear every time I missed him was the sacrifice to our love – to him it wasn’t.
The way I defended our love was proof of our love – to him it wasn’t.

If he felt everything I felt.
If he did everything I did.
For our happiness
it wouldn’t be so easy for him to leave me for another woman.
Just like that.
Little did I know.