Send Matamela to the widows
Sleeping in clumsy windows
With walls covered by sorrows
Sign of bitter tomorrows

Send him to homes
Of those who died in war
Children left homeless
Wounds broke their homes

Send him to the nyaope boys
Walking in dusty streets
Dreams laughing at their future
Because of looming poverty mentality

Send him to villages
Dust is mixing with water
Children dying of malnutrition
Poverty smiling in their veins

Go to hospitals Cyril
Cracks on broken walls
Falling to make patients patients
Fix the injured walls Mr Ramaphosa

Look there in prison
There is an innocent blood
Crying for your eyes
He’s locked behind bars because he could not bribe your people

There are still learners
Under raw trees
Give them a manufactured tree
We are sending you to send them hope

Go to universities
Some students failing
Because they refused to give their flesh to certain professors
Clear up the mess Ramaphosa, clear the dirty system

You are sent
And redirect us to the real promised land, what we now know is dirty!