I’ve crossed the longest borders
Thinking I will find it
I’ve broken the strongest wires
Hoping I will get it
I’ve walked the longest distances
With only one thing in my mind

In my country there is a lot of hunger
And I thought here it’s different
In my country people are killed
And I heard here that was before 1994
In my country there is no freedom
And it seems here no one is sure about it
And it seems I was wrong about all the above.

I came here to seek education
But all I am getting is isolation
I came here to feel as a human
But here I am expressing myself in a poem
I came here to be given food and love
But I can see no-one even notices I am alive
No one notices I am still a child

I know I am an immigrant
But I do not need you to call me Ikwerekwere
I know I don’t belong in your country
But we all belong in one continent
No matter I am from Ghana, Nigeria or Zambia
But we are all like children of mother Africa
And I wish I could get freedom like you
As I am black like you…