Messiah, sent a female so magnificent,
Perfect touch of sweet dark nestle,
This is more than a compliment, a piece for you,
Tryna make you more confident
I know you’re mixed, I’m certain your ancestry-compass
Breaks somewhere tropical, exotic, south-west,
Where it’s hot and steamy, central African,
Nubian queen from our continent

Natural locks coconut fragrance,
Perfectly shaped around your pretty face,
Brown eyes, deep contact I get lost in that honey ocean,
Blemishless face, skin silky smooth, soft,
Dipped in chocolatey melanin
Full velvety lips, begging for my flesh on yours
Pearly whites playfully bitting on it like a tease,
Effortlessly extravagant

Hard to keep my written pleasantries PG,
You own sexual attractions so raw yet elegant
No comparison, hard to find in media and TV
Thick thighs, booty so big always looks as if it’s
On a mission to escape, when you wear clothes
That are tight, I mean it must feel slightly embarrassing
Point I want to make is you should be a little more arrogant,
See when you enter a room you put the crowd in a daze,
Staring at you as if nothing is more relevant