Some call it the capital city
A little piece of heaven
Some have seen it and some dream it
Some have heard of it and some seek it
From a far distance eyes do not blink from the cities
For  every view grabs the visitor’s attention

Some went to plant their seeds
Some went to have fun
Some are lost in Pretoria
The city shines and glows more during the night than during
The day

The streets flash out the lights and the shadows flash out the
Some seeds grow and some dont
Some fun is low but for some you spend thousands
Some are lost and found some aren’t…
All this makes up Pretoria

It is not a city of one but different cultures
and those striving to survive turn into vultures
During the day it’s quiet but during the night you can hear the
Some ignite
Some endure
Some embrace the beauty of Pretoria

All variable people unite in one place
All with different dreams to chase
The beauty speaks and ears stare through its face
The air is as thick as water at its gas state
If it be your turn to plant yours in Pretoria
Let patience lead you to the day of harvest
It is not a fertile land but seeds does grow in Pretoria